Financial Education

The study surveyed 27,564 Americans, from June through October of last year.

FINRA Investor Education Foundation suggests that studies show that as Americans we demonstrate a relatively low level of financial literacy and have difficulty applying financial decision-making skills to real life situations.

In a recent study, participants were asked five questions covering aspects of economics and financial issues encountered in everyday life. In California, 67% are unable to answer more than three of the five questions correctly. Also, most Americans do not comparison shop for credit cards, with 55% saying that in obtaining their most recent credit card they did not collect and compare information about cards from more than one company. Individuals need at least a fundamental level of financial understanding. This knowledge, paired with financial decision-making skills, can best ensure an individual’s financial capability. – FINRA Investor Education Foundation (2018).


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Financial Education SHOULD be a huge part of our education, but its not. Many have leaned basic information about many aspects of life, but few have been trained for basic money skills. Things like:

Budgeting – Spending Plan:

Budgeting Basics
Evaluating Your Finances
Creating a Budget
Budgeting Benchmarks
Seasonal Budgeting


Saving Basics
Choosing Savings Options
Growing Your Money
Building an Emergency Fund
Spending Within Your Means
Financial Institution Basics
Opening a Checking Account
Debit Cards and Prepaid Cards
Electronic / mobile Banking


Credit Basics

Credit Scores
Building Credit
Credit Report
Credit Resources
Debt Basics
Understanding Debt Load
Getting Out of Debt
Rebuilding Your Finances
Debt Counseling Resources

Identity Theft:

Identity Theft Basics
How to Prevent Fraud
High Risk for Identity Theft
Identity Theft Protection While Traveling
Tools to Protect Identity

Life Events:

Going to College
Buying a Car
Renting an Apartment
Buying a Home
Landing a Job
Health Care
Family Life
Elder Care
Handling the Unexpected

This is where McCann Consulting can help. Do you have a

group of 10 or more? Would you like to become more educated on a particular topic? Give us a call we can provide an educational plan that fits your budget and will

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