Check out Modesto Junior College – Fall Semester for Financial Education Classes

That’s right! Fall of 2018 I will be facilitating a semester long course on Personal Money Management. We will cover many aspects of personal financial management. Cruise on over to their site and sign up for the class!

Section Additional Information

Short Title: Personal Finance
Term: 2018MFA
Start Date: 08/27/2018
End Date: 12/15/2018
Section Name: MBUSAD-230-3218
Units: 3
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Course Description:
54.00 Lecture Hours,
Open to both business and non-business majors. An
integrated approach to personal finance and
financial literacy. Topics are designed to
facilitate informed and deliberate decision
making, in alignment with personal values, to
maximize financial resources throughout the
individual’s life span. Emphasizes
practical decision making using contemporary
theory and real world examples while integrating
the social, psychological, and physiological
context in which financial decisions are made.
Topics include common financial issues such as
budgeting, career planning, goal setting,
purchasing and financing a home and other large
consumer purchases, personal risk management and
insurance issues, managing credit, investment
strategies, as well as tax, retirement and estate
planning. Field trips are not required. (A-F
or P/NP) Transfer: (CSU) General Education:
(MJC-GE: E )

Course Learning Outcomes:
Upon satisfactory completion of this course, the
student should be prepared to:
1. Assess personal and financial opportunity
costs associated with financial decisions.
2. Identify strategies for achieving personal
financial goals for different life situations.
3. Create a personal financial plan.

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Important Dates
Refund Date: 09/09/2018
Drop without ‘W’ Date: 09/09/2018
Pass No Pass Date: 09/25/2018
Last Day to Drop Date: 11/15/2018

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